Hello there 👋 I'm Frank!

I'm a Computer Science student at UFSC.

In the past, I've worked as a software developer intern at Shopify and at GETMORE.




Kiwi is a small dynamically typed programming language.

It's far from done, but it's already got variables, loops and functions! Check it out on the Kiwi playground.

The interpreter uses a stack-based design and interprets the bytecode generated from the frontend.

Everything from the parser to the VM is hand-written.



undbg is a debugger written in Go with support for reverse execution. While running a program, it saves all machine state, allowing the user to go back and debug in the past.

kiwi playground


Kiwi barely works but it already has a playground :) The user input is executed in a docker sandbox.

You can read the code here.